Monday, October 19, 2009

Who loves us more-mom or dad?

Gud evening..

......... back wid another story! Ammmm......... i guess i've becum a storyteller writing these it goes..
                    It was a rainy day in August 2008,i was standing near the window of my class room,which faces the road.The animals (my classmates) were shouting and running after each other.I could hear all the ho hallah,but probably i was feeling a li'l low so i didn't react...and kept gazing the busy road.

                    There is a small play way school on the back side of my department, so most of the time one can see parents with their kids passing thru the road,.... and yes we get to hear all the nursery rhymes wich these blooming buds keep enchanting all the time...machhli jal ki raani..... All types of moods and faces c'd be read from that window! There I saw a middle aged man with his son,the father was takin the kid to the school.Since it was rainy day so a lot of mud and water had spilled all over the road. The father held his son's hand tightly ,took his bag,bottle and tiffin in the other hand and guided him to the other end of the road.I was pleased to see this.

                     Few minutes later a mother- son duo passed from the same piece of road,the mother noticed the muddy water, she stopped there for a moment and so did my heartbeat as i was dying to see a mother's reaction to the same problem. Par maa to maa hoti hai...she took the son in her lap and crossed the road. I was stunned to see this.

                      A nonsense question arose in my very tiny brain as soon as i saw the series of events...Who loves the child more ?Is it the mother who  tried to protect her child from all the problems ,or is it the father who held his son firmly during the time of trouble?

                      Anyhow the lecture started,and obviously i was not listening coz i was still looking for the answer to the question my master brain had put to me!I analyzed the whole situation and some other real life incidents and came to the conclusion.....

                  ..........most of the people after reading this(if at all it gets some readers..:P) would definitely jump to the conclusion favoring the mother. But to me it was an experience of life tym....a mother ,very protective abt her child,tries to protect her child from every problem. She prefers to face the problems herself and so did the mother in the story! But not to forget the father ,he was the one who stood by his son during the time of crisis,shared his burden(bag, bottle) and most importantly taught his son hw to face the problem!
                       so my tiny miny brain listen care fully.......both the parents love the child equally but in different ways,mother shows it but father doesn't,a mother loves the kid blindly but the father's love is more practical!
 so,,,,,,,,, can not be compared!

what say???

song of the day- Taare zameen par...(Taare zameen par)



  1. Normally it seems that mother loves his child more than a father bcoz men r not very good @ expressing their feelings....but the love is equal from both the sides...

  2. thanks rahul..u liked it..!! i thot it was silly!:P