Monday, February 22, 2010

The Solitaire Diamond..

 Well...this story is a product of my boring management class!
 It is just an arrangement of some english words to give a shape to my random thoughts...
 so jusst... a jot of thoughts! For those who don't know..A Solitaire Diamond is a
 single diamond set alone...(in jewellery)! Dekhte hain ye diamond kyaa kehta hai...

 A Solitaire, so bright and clear,
 every woman's charm,every girl's dear,
 Once came to me and looked pretty low!
 Amazed at what i saw, for the reason i wanted to know!

  I asked the sparkling beauty,
 " wat happened dear?"and took pity!
 U're so beautiful and clear,
 but today u look so sad and in despair!

 Cried the solitaire,"I am so lonely!"
 I am envied by all,alone i stand in dis whole wide world,
 and feel no more happy to enthrall!

 "I am fed up of dis celebration,
 for i have nobody to share!
  I hate those envious eyes,
 and  i am hurt by that ugly stare!"

 "The cuts that make me special,
 are the wounds that aren't easy to heal.
 They were all mercilessly carved over my body,
 for it is a pain nobody else can feel!"

 I was stunned and could not utter a word,
 as the lonliness behind the glamour was revealed!
 Seriously, I could not believe my ears,
 For now I knew about a solitaire's fears!

 A Solitaire so bright and clear,
 Every woman's dream,every girls dear!

 song of the day - I am lonely without u!