Saturday, September 26, 2009

No legacy is so rich as........Honesty

Good Morning

Well.... the last post was a pretty serious today m goin to keep it li'l lighter.Today i'll be narratting a small incident that took place fw months back.

              It was a perspiring thursday of May 2009.I was fasting as usual and was travelling back home in a bus...that is even more usual.There only,something unusual happened that touched my heart!

               Me n my friend were sittin in a local bus,as we reached our station,we all got up to get out of the bus.Soon a man of 40-45 yrs, sitting behind us found a cell phone lying in the bus.He picked it up and asked for the owner,since it was not ours so we got out of the bus and started walking.But everyone in the bus thot that the cell was ours so they set out to look for those two college girls(both of us).Actually the mobile was lying very close to the seat where we wer sitting so they might have thot so!

                As we wer walking,a man of 30-35 ys came up to us and enquired if the cell was ours,we wer a bit surprised. Anyhow we told him that it was not ours and started walking.Soon another man of 50-55yrs came up(panting heavily).."Bachhiyo woh mobile aapka to nahi?",he enquired.We wer so touched by the gesture and told him it was not ours....he added,"mera farzz tha puuchhna....pata nahi kis ka hoga".

                We felt so happy and touched and proud at the same tym.But to our surprise this was not the end....another uncle came up...running....and saying.... beta ruko ruko.....[we knew why :)]! Before he could ask somthing..we replied...."Nahin uncle jee.. wo mobile hamara nahi hai..!!". 
We could not stop smiling.
                 In today's world where we are forced to say that ,'Honesty is the second best policy'.... incidents like dis really make me feel that...okk.. Abhi umeed baaki hai.And not only honesty but humanity...becoz then the mobile was then handed over to the 'lost and found' incharge of the bus stand.

...............This one incident made me feel so happy and proud of my fellow citizens(the Akhnoorites) and reminded me of the lines quoted by Shakespeare...

No legacy is so rich...... as... honesty!

Very few things can actually move me,but this one really did! I hope the actual owner gets the mobile phone.

Song of the day - Yeh honsla....[Dor]

Geet  :)


  1. i wish people lyk them had found my mobiles as well!!!!i lost them twice!!!!:(

  2. he he he.....:)
    that's y I always say....we akhnoorites are the richest ones...honesty wise!!