Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Teaching z so much fun!


Its been 11 days now that I am practicing the profession of teaching,in fact learning to teach! Before dis training period like anyother overconfident idiot I also used to think that teaching is the easiest of all professions! But to my surprise(infact shock)it takes a lot to be a gr8 teacher!Preparing a lesson and den delivering it infront of some unintrested individuals takes hell out of u!

Standing on d dais nd delivering a lecture in front of students who r more den  unintrested in listening,motivating them towards the topic nd keeping them awake for 40 minutes is quite a job!

I have seen people crying,trembling and fumbling on the dais during this period.But I am thank ful to God that my training period has been one of the finest experiences of my life.

The words of praise from my supervisor(who z considered as a very strict supervisor) and my colleagues inspire me evryday.Seriously I never knew that teaching Verbs, nouns, solar systems, plants nd animals was so interesting nd challenging as well! To me teaching has becom a passion,i have started enjoying the process and I m waiting for the macro training where I would be dealing wid the real students!

Now I can proudly call myself a Master jee(as chatur of 3 IDIOTs used to call Rancho).Four more days to go....and den this lovely experience will cum to an end! At dis point of tym I would like to thank nd pay my sincere gratitude towards all my teachers nd would like to apologise to teachers jinko tang kiyaa!

song of d day....Thats d way it is..(Celine Dion)!



  1. Reminds me of all the shararat i did with my teachers during my school dayz and my teachers patiently tolerated them....btw i m damn sure u would make a very good nd sweet teacher in near future....all the best geet....

  2. dats realy good to know dat uve started this job ! its realy fun job ! n it will create your knowledge box too.wishin u good luck ! do well chak de phatte