Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Unsung Hero...

This is an attempt to bring to the notice of the fellow countrymen about the hero,
who died unsung, Capt.Devinder Singh Jass!

The moment we hear the word HERO lately,only Sachin Tendulkar comes to our minds (for his recent feat of 200*in ODI). Most of us don't even realise that the moment we were all glued to our T.V sets, somebody was fighting the Kasabs (millitants) in Sopore so that another 26/11 or German bakery blasts could be prevented.The moment we were all praying for that one run, there was somebody who deserved these prayers more than anybody else! He promised his family,a colourful holi celebration but unfortunately could bring back only three colors, saffron white and green-the colors of martyrdom, wrapped around his body!

Nodoubt Sachin Tendulkar is an icon, for he wears a blue jersey with INDIA inscribed on it, but for me Capt. Singh was the real hero for he died so that INDIA could flourish.With due respect to our ICON, I pay my homage to THE UNSUNG HERO for he sacrificed his life for you, me and all of us. May his holy soul rest in peace!

Today i am reminded of the lines,"kuch yaad unhe bhi kar lo.... jo laut k ghar na aaye..."

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  1. A very nice thought. Young guns of India now need to fire. Keep it up.

  2. ..heyy,,,verry well written...keep it up!!!

  3. nice one well written salute to our soldiers who lay down their lives on the borders fighting terrorism

  4. So true!!!! We just cant get enough of the crickets and tennis stars to focus on the real hero. Even now, we use the term of God so loosely for certain celebrities, it disgusts me. But, totally agree with you. Jai Hind

  5. Salute to the all the Brave men, who made the supreme sacrifice in the highest traditions of the Indian Army.

    I will serve Indian Army in few years. I hope when death comes to me either I will beat her or I will make her my friend.