Friday, September 25, 2009

The Deprived Angels....


Two angels in blue and pink,in the midst of the cloudy sky,
were dancing and singing full of joy,

soon one of them looked down,and noticed the gloomy faces with frown,
The other angel too gave away a gaze,
they could not help..but amaze,

Soon a voice shook their soul,they looked for the source,
It was a bluish pink  naked body
A 'baby girl' liked by nobody...
Their doubts got was what they feared...!

Soon one of the angels shed a tear...
The other asked,"what happened my dear?"
She replied,"I took birth as a girl,so pure and beautiful as a pearl."
My father wanted a 'son' he stopped my breath...
and this is how i met with death..

"u were lucky" said the other angel as she was killed in her mom's womb
.....the holy lap of her mother turned into her tomb..

They both looked at each other and the newly arrived guest...and blessed her with all the happiness and fest......
They prayed to God to bless the child with a life of security,prosperity and protection from the merciless knife..
...if at all she was not deprived of a life!

the two deprived the midst of cloudy sky...

P.S:- Please pardon my poor poetic temperament....go by the feel.These lines came out as a result of the alarming rate of female foeticide in India!

 song of d day- Dil Hai Chotta sa,Chotti si aasha...[ROJA] 

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