Friday, September 25, 2009


wat a start....

M starting a new chapter of my life wid an 'alvida'.
I'll be known as a post graduate in a few days is quite a reason to be happy and no doubts on dat....m happy.But the moment, i look the day I entered the university...hmmmm 13th september 2007,a series of events,a flashback of memories..and a journey of lyftym..blurres my vision.The span of two years spent in university was one of the most memorable tym of my lyf after schooling...

m gonna miss my tym in univ for sure...specially my frenss!!

ending here only...wid a song dedication to all my buddies....
Song of d day-Tym of ur lyf (GREENDAY)

bbye gd nyt..:)



  1. aaaahhhhhh.......m least i have sumthng...that makes sayin very hard...:)))

  2. hum, rahe yaa na rahe,yaad ayenge yeh pal....

  3. hum hain is pal yahan jaane ho kal kahan rhege sadda yahan pyar ki dastaan