Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disabled or specially abled?

Like every other I got into the local bus at 8.30 in the morning. I got the window seat..and the bus kicked off! Somebody at the back seat was playing some badly sung Punjabi songs  which was very irritating. Any how...the bus passed by the usual stations ..and finally i was about to reach my station. 

As soon as i tried to get up from my seat, i saw a young boy standing close to my seat. At the very first appearance he appeared pretty abnormal. As i got up and left my seat he quickly grabbed it which was quite normal and as i turned towards the exit door i saw another young boy who was a look alike of the abnormal boy! I looked at the faces of both the boys they looked like twins(i guess they were twins).  As the abnormal boy saw his brother standing he got up from his seat saying " Bhaiyaa tu baith ja na....bhaiyaa tu baith ja na!!!" The Normal boy smiled and replied "koi bat nahi..bhaiyaa aap baitho!". But he still kept repeating his lines. The very incident touched my heart so deeply that I almost forgot that I was about to get off the bus. I questioned myself ,"How many normal children would do the same for their siblings?" 

Any how i went to the college...attended classes had lunch and almost forgot about the incident .Then came our  Special Education class and our topic for the day was "Mental Retardation". Our professor started discussing the characteristics of MR children. As soon as she said that these children are mostly behaviorally Maladjusted, I was reminded of the incident that took place in the morning!

Suddenly the voices in the class faded and I got lost into my own thought process. Today when even blood relations don't matter to people I saw a brother who was not normal like all of us caring for his normal brother. May be this is the reason we call them Maladjusted....for they are still away from all those impurities and malice that normal people carry in their hearts and minds. Seriously i questioned myself...Are these children maladjusted? Are they disabled or should we call them specially abled???

"Tujh se naraaz nahi zindagi...hairaan hu..."

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