Monday, June 28, 2010

....AND IT RAINED !!! the time I finished reading Neil Astely's Staying Alive...I found myself soaked in sweat from head to toe and that too when i was sitting perpendicular to the fan!!

I Looked out through my window and found the scorching sun shining brightly and proudly proclaiming his reign.There only, I saw a cute lil bird dipping her head time and again into the small earthen bowl of water which we usually place in our garden for the thirsty birds.The garden looked pretty low and annoyed as if his mom has denied him of his favourite candy! Every thing appeared rude, sad, exhausted and tired!!

The sadness of the whole scenario made me sad as well.While i was standing by my window( fav tympass) a feeble yet cool breeze peeped in through the window and helped my wet and well tied hair glide over my face!The very feel of hair on my face infused a sense of happiness in me as some celebration was about to begin. I could clearly notice the leaves colliding their heads with each other and moving a class starts murmuring as soon as the teacher moves out of the class!!

Within no time, I could see the dark grey clouds all over the sky...The breeze grew stronger and now i had to use my hand to help my hair not to get entangled. " So......IS IT GOING TO RAIN?"I asked my self.The divine smell of soil when it drinks water after a hot dry day...began to tanquilize me confirming that it has already started raining!!!And the tip....tip....tip.....soon turned into cats n dogs,,,,,and YESSSS.... it Rained!!!!!

...I extended my hand out of my window to reach out to those condensed droplets which had left the earth due to the boiling mercury......OHHHHHH..!!!! whatt a feeling! I got so excited and carried away... that I removed my hair clip and went out to celebrate the rain out in the porch.The tiny droplets filled my soul with happiness and rejoice and I found my self drenched from head to holy n heavenly droplets of water!...Me n my garden...both took a sigh of relief,,from that scorching evening of JUNE!

song of the day...

'Geet' :)

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